dressed up like a lady: Vested.

Nov 21, 2011


I probably shouldn't point this out, but this look reminds me of something.

 Bellbottoms: BDG
Platform oxfords: Jeffrey Campbell
Tee: UO
1970's Tuxedo vest: Thrifted
It reminds me of a certain sleazy, coked out, 70's/80's "I'm gonna go shirtless with a vest" style.

What a proud tradition to be a part of....

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  1. I think the look is hella sexy.
    Would I be able to pull it off? Heck no. (Props to those that do...)
    I love your style and I look forward to seeing more ;)


  2. The ever elusive vest! I've been on the look out for a great vest for YEARS. They are incredibly difficult to find and even harder if you have inordinately large breasts. But I rejoice at seeing them!

  3. insane outfit, Cammilla - you look
    tough-girl rocker.

    I adore my little black vest - wear
    her all year around "cause she is
    so user friendly & looks hot with
    a white t or a white men's shirt.

    & naked with just a big ol' mens
    watch on the wrist. SEXY

  4. Love the look on you. I bought bellbottoms months ago and still haven't worn them. There is a delicate balance between vintage inspired and costume-y. You pulled it off.

  5. Ahhhhhh this is perfection !!



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