dressed up like a lady: Bizarre toys in the mail? Must be from Margaret!

Dec 12, 2011

Bizarre toys in the mail? Must be from Margaret!

This particular package of goodies sent in the mail from my bestie Margaret contained a strange selection of items purchased at her neighborhood Japanese dollar store.

The highlight of this was, of course, what appears to be a goose-shaped codpiece. 

Why does this exist?!

She also included a card that plays Lullaby Baby when you push a little button on the front. Said button is extremely sensitive, leading to an incessant, beeping serenade.

And what package would be complete without a choking-hazard eraser meal and some classy lip gloss, which smells exactly like polyurethane? As usual, Margaret has outdone herself. Excuse me, I need to asphyxiate on a delicious looking rubber curry and rice...

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  1. so fun... i love things like this...



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