dressed up like a lady: The Canastas at Woodruff's -- Opening for JD MCPHERSON!!!

Dec 9, 2011

The Canastas at Woodruff's -- Opening for JD MCPHERSON!!!

As I spastically alluded to many times, my band The Canastas ™ at Woodruff's!got the chance to open for JD effing McPherson last Thursday. Musical venues tend to be dark, but our camera is trusty.

When JD actually went on, I took the reigns of the camera, though I must admit I only snapped pictures for a few songs before I got busy dancing.

I already posted one fan picture that I got with JD, but it wouldn't please the universe if I didn't post this one too:



  1. You are a total rock star, darling!
    Love your look (especially the piles of necklaces) and these pics!


  2. So cool, love your style and the photos are simply amazing! Seems like you had a great time dear!



  3. Im currently listening to Mister Please on your fb page and have fallen even harder for you and your style. I love your sound! Your voice is incredible, so real and fun. You guys should come all the way down to Jax and play a show here.


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