dressed up like a lady: Okay, wrap it up.

Dec 14, 2011

Okay, wrap it up.

Between hair cuts (not to mention *ahem* colors), there are days when a blow dryer and an extra 10 minutes in front of the mirror just doesn't pass the cost/benefit analysis. Those are days for a little '40s headscarf action.

Burgundy Dance Leotard: Sansha
Wide Leg Trousers: Victoria's Secret (you heard me!)
Shoes: Vintage Enzo Angolini via Purevintageclothing
Brooch: Alessandra
Silk Scarf, Belt, Faux Pearls: Thrifted

While there are many fashionable examples of the 40's headscarf, I think it's safe to say the classic version is the one worn by Rosie the Riveter. But maybe I'm biased, since Rosie was based on a real woman, who worked at Ypsilanti's Willow Run plant making B-24 bombers with my grandma. My grandma is now 98 and still says working the pallet driver at Willow Run is one of her favorite jobs she ever had.

Of course, the dance leotard and Zingerman's coffee are slightly less period, but they're more or less an every-day occurrence. ;)


  1. Love it! Everytime I wear my scarves in this fashion I am told I look like Aunt Jemimah... seriously why is that the first image that comes to peoples minds? I always tell them I'm channeling Rosie and then they kind of understand...

  2. What an amazing idea :) It suits you very well, but these trousers are "to die for" :)

  3. Everyday, I think God that wide leg pants are coming back in. Now, if I could only find some long enough for me. These are amazing. I'm jealous!

  4. Beautiful! I am vowing to try my hair in a scarf like this.

  5. Wow! Would not have guessed those pants were from VS. They're so lovely and incredibly retro!
    But I wish I could wear a headscarf like that and look so sexy ;) I just look like a big mess of curls.


  6. My blog is http://melmorestreet.blogspot.com/
    just fyi. Apparently, someone can take melmorestreetstudio if they want to. Maybe I should grab that one too!

    I need a headscarf most days...

  7. i love the pants so much can u show me a link to them or something??


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