dressed up like a lady: Moved in! Technically.

Jan 19, 2012

Moved in! Technically.

Well, thanks to immense help from my ridiculously strong parents (especially my dad -- being 70 years old means nothing to a man who LIFTS 100 LB. DUMBBELLS WITH EACH ARM!!), our stuff is moved into our new house. Of course, at the moment, it's still in a state of total insanity.

So clearly, we'll be spending the coming days getting things more and more into place. I'll be happy to alert you of our progress -- and even take suggestions on decorating if you've got 'em! Anyway, here's a bonus shot:

 A surprisingly pretty picture of our corner that I took by accident, while getting into the car. :)


  1. Chaos or not, your new place looks amazing!

  2. Your house is darling. I can definitely see the character and charm!! I have to say that for me moving is the worst and at least you got that part done (Good job Dad!). It's rewarding and so fun to put it all together. Enjoy!!

  3. those taken by accident are always special

  4. Cammila, your house is beautifully charming. I love the woodwork, door arches, and window work. You will delight in your new home. How exciting for you.
    New Beginnings

  5. You house is amazing, so bright. Really like it!

  6. So fun! Love the vive of the place.

  7. oooooh, moved! american houses are so darling... can't wait to see some photos when you unpacked the boxes.



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