dressed up like a lady: Pinterest saves the day!

Jan 10, 2012

Pinterest saves the day!

Thank you everybody so much for the kind words yesterday about MC and I buying our new house! Or rather -- buying our new old house (1927 was a long time ago). Purchasing our  house has been a LOT of legwork and general rigamarole, and I'm grateful to be at the end of the process. 

Consequently, however, I am not dressed up today by any stretch. Unless you count the "4-way stretch" offered by these jeans. Additionally, I was too antsy to stand still and take a clear picture!

Long sleeve tee: Free People
Jeans: Victoria's Secret
Beads: Thrifted, Mom's
Tooled Belt: Vintage via the Getup 

Okay so how about this: since I was too distracted to wear anything interesting today, how about I post some pictures of where my head is at. Like you'd expect, I'm totally consumed with vintage home decoration fantasies! I've got years ahead of me to prettify our house, so I may as well start collecting ideas now...right? 

And here are a few selections from MC's Home-Centric Pinterest Board: 'Hot House!'

As always, you can follow me on Pinterest by Clicking this link and clicking the "Follow All" button on the left, and you can also follow MC on Pinterest by Clicking this link and clicking that same "Follow All" button on the left.

Also: I can't post about Pinterest without making honorable mention of my favorite Board kept by anyone on the whole site: MC's surprisingly popular Board of images that (apparently) make him think of me: 'Reminds Me of My Girl'!

A few recent selections (with MC's delightful captions):

"loving, playful, glamourous"


"dark eyes"

"singer's voice, dancer's body"

*SIGH* I'm a very lucky girl that the love of my life sees me this way. Especially considering what I am often like in reality:


  1. Congrats on the house! How exciting to get to install as many reading nooks as you want!

  2. You are silly :) but also beautiful, stylish and skinny :D

  3. le sigh, my friend. I love how romantic the two of you are; you're the poster couple for true love.
    I'm thrilled at the prospect of a grand blog tour of the house as your decorate (complete with before, during and after photos, of course).
    Your pinterest boards never disappoint, you're one of my faves to follow.

  4. Brava on your new home with the
    dean-ish MC.

    Adore the pics. Favs: the middle
    eastern flavored bedroom, the red
    sofa [O!] and the art-filled bathroom -mine!.

    You are a special girl - very rarely do you find someone described as glamorous and playful.

    Great post, Cammila, I acknowledged
    your blog a couple of weeks ago with an award, not sure if you
    accept them or not.



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