dressed up like a lady: We bears are a proud race.

Jan 4, 2012

We bears are a proud race.

Wanna see what MC gave me for Christmas? :D

They're me and MC! Get it?

So the thing is, I love bears. And I don't mean teddy bears, I mean real bears -- they're the they're wildly charismatic animals, amiright? But I've never gone in particularly for teddy bears. I will give it up for the fact that they were inspired by my favorite president and forefather in exuberance, Teddy Roosevelt. But usually, teddy bears don't very much resemble real bears. 

Unless, of course, they're hand made for you, with gorgeous skill and love by Alessandra White, the talented artist, crafts-person, doll maker, miniaturist, and my own beautiful soon-to-be sister in law!

(Photo totally used without permission.)

These gorgeous teddies were crafted from German mohair and vintage black glass beads, and their weighted limbs are jointed just a little bit loosely, so every little act of gravity makes their movements wonderfully natural. The instant I saw them, they melted my urbane, guileful heart into squealing, little-girlish glee.

I would never ask for a teddy bear for Christmas in a million years, and yet I wouldn't trade these sweet, beautiful treasures for anything! That's a gift in and of itself: having a fiance who knows what I want even when I don't. And a brand new sister with epic talents and a giving spirit. :)

P.S.: Desperate for a pretty, boutiquey bear of your own? I don't really have permission to say this but shoot me an email (in the upper left) and maybe I can get Alessandra to hop on Etsy and make you one. Steiff


  1. Ah! Those are cutie lil bears!!!

  2. I'm a bear person too, my first was a panda, which are now very in vogue! Your are so swet, what a special family you have!

    Sharon xx


  3. What terrifically cute bears! If your sister opens up shop (and wants you to do so), you should do a post about these darling creations. They're leagues nicer than most handmade bears I've seen and I'm sure she could get a really following going.

    Thank you very much for your blog comment today, dear gal, I always love it when you stop by! (Agreed, I kind of love it, too, when older recipes sound or look a bit wonky - those are generally the ones that I end up enjoying eating the most.)

    Wishing and your loved ones a stellar 2012!



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