dressed up like a lady: Wool.

Jan 5, 2012


Michigan finally got its first real dose of frigid winter temperatures recently, with highs of something like 19°F/-8°C. Living in a region where winter means a truly biting chill presents its own set of challenges for dressing like anything but an Eskimo, as any fashion blogger or style conscious person who comes from the land of the ice and snow knows all too well.

Turtleneck: Target
Wool Skirt: Vintage via Treasuremart
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Seychelles
Bag: Dooney & Bourke, Thrifted

Generally speaking, I find that wearing a lot of wool is among the most effective (if obvious) ways to meet this challenge. Having a range of stylish wool skirts or sweaters in your closet will take you far in a Midwest winter!

Case in point, MC has had this awesome shawl neck cardigan languishing in his dresser for as long as I've known him -- but never wore it because it was too big. Finally, a few days ago, I proposed that we take advantage of another property of wool, in addition to its warmth: the ability to shrink. We popped this jumper into a hot water wash and then a run-through in the dryer and voila! Now it fits perfectly, and goes beautifully with MC's classic peacoat. But what doesn't, really? ;)


  1. You both look fantastic, darling!
    Love your boots!


  2. Love your look the polo neck and the skirt is sort 70's and your hair style really adds great personality :)

  3. Wool skirts are how I survived three trips to Madison in the winter about four years ago. I do wish it would finally cool down a bit more here in Wichita. I have a long wool skirt I am dying to wear.

    I love that turtle neck! I've been looking for one, but they'll all too loose. I'll have to go check out Target.

  4. It is supposed to be 53 today in Chicago! I can't effing believe it. Just a couple days ago it was 9 degrees when I went to work.

    I am hoping to take advantage of the nice weather by taking pictures in the dress I won :). That is if I don't sleep the whole warm part of the day away (I work overnights).

    I love MC's whole outfit, however, I may be bias because it looks like he stole it from my boyfriend's closest, ha ha :).

  5. For some reason these pants made me think of you; I think because I'm sure you would rock them. They'd be better as flares though.


  6. you're hair is incredible, so brave and edgy. loving how you paired this longer skirt with the turtle-neck.

  7. Winter grieves my soul.
    I've lived in the Midwest my entire life, and still I have not mastered winter dress. I do have one wool sweater I like, but it's just so scratchy!


  8. Oh my... You make winters (my least favorite season) look like so much fun. I know I said it's pretty sunny out here in cali, but if I ever managed to look as good as you I would have snow every day!



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