dressed up like a lady: Blue Streak.

Feb 22, 2012

Blue Streak.

I wore this comfy sweater dress a couple days ago -- right before I got my hair cut. I didn't do anything drastic, but I was BADLY in need of some shaping and I feel a hundred times better now that I've had a trim.

Sweater dress: Victoria's Secret
Tights: Sockdreams
Shoes: Steve Madden
Scarf: Thrifted
Purse: Coach, mom's

Incidentally, folks keep asking what I'm doing with my hair, and the answer is that I'm not really sure. I just know that I was getting sick of bleaching it platinum blonde. It was always so damaged that it would frequently break off into my hands, and sometimes it reflects so much light in photos that the whole top of my head looks washed out. So the short answer is that I'm keeping the pink, but otherwise doing little more than letting the platinum lazily grow out while my natural, honey color awkwardly creeps in. 

P.S: Thanks, Mom for letting me long-term-borrow this purse. What's old is always new again! ;)


  1. I keep meaning to break out my electric-blue dress.

    How often do you have to refresh the pink? Back when I used to dye my hair more colorful, the color was really faded after a few weeks (I used Manic Panic). Anywayssss, I was just curious if you have that problem with the dye you use. And if you do, have you ever tried Special Effects? I've heard several raves about it lately.

  2. I believe your hair will love you for that :) I've tried some natural colouring lately (Have you heard of SanoTint?) and I'm loving it. No ammonia and beautiful colours (and they don't test their products on animals) :)


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