dressed up like a lady: Do the wave.

Feb 28, 2012

Do the wave.

Despite the awkward tri-tone effect you get with my natural color growing out above existing bleached hair and ongoing pink, I think my last trim did my locks a world of good. And not only that! The mere fact that I'm not frying my hair at the root every month has allowed me to grow those few extra inches I needed to let my natural waves fly without getting into bad, Sharon Stone territory. Not that I would want to let my wet head air dry when it's frigid February in Michigan, but it's nice to not be a slave to the hairdryer. I AM THE DECIDER!

Common wisdom and gravity seem to dictate that curls get tighter when hair gets shorter. But is there anybody else out there with hair like mine, which gets curlier as it gets longer? The few humble oscillations of the sine wave pattern you see on my scant 5 inches of hair pictured above represent my hair's natural curl at its most relaxed. With increased distance, frequency increases and amplitude decreases.

Okay, that's it. Oh, wait I feel compelled to include an outfit shot, even though I'm not really wearing anything all that good. I'm just excited that I wore colored tights under torn jeans, which I should've been doing all winter. ;)


  1. Straight or wavy look great either way. I would love to "steal" that bad and jeans from you ;)

  2. Love the tights under the jeans - and oh so warm. Plus, I love that you use your mom's purse. Your mom has great style too.


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