dressed up like a lady: Domestic comedy.

Feb 24, 2012

Domestic comedy.

Dance leotard: Capezio
Circle skirt: vintage via ArtelleGallery
Shoes: Poetic License
Cardigan: Thrifted
Faux pearls" Thrifted  

A dance leotard and a full skirt are a tried and true combo -- nobody looks bad in that pretty, New Look, fit-and-flare silhouette. So when the company I work for was informed that the Japanese TV station NHK was sending a crew into our office to film a segment about my department (!?), I figured this ensemble was my best bet for hopefully not looking overtly horrible while potentially appearing in the background of an interview in which my boss explains the exciting world of movie data content licensing. I'll let you know if/when the segment airs or streams or whatever.

People are always asking "Aren't you cold while you take those pictures?!" The answer is of course I'm cold, it's like 30 degrees out! That's why after posing for about 30 seconds, I put my coat back on!. ;)

Anyway, normally the post would end there, but then MC captured this candid of me at home, looking like I'm about to KILL SOMEONE with this iron:

I swear, I was just spaced out, thinking about how much laundry I had to do, but apparently that thought process gave the outward impression of smoldering rage. I subsequently tried to make up for it with a few dainty poses.

Then we discovered a tiny, handmade felt dress on the floor that goes with my step-daughter's Blythe dolls, and as I'm sure you already predicted, I proceeded to pantomime ironing the tiny little garment like the overcooked ham I am.

Essie: Playa Del Platinum 
Essie: A Cut Above
Kardashian Kolors from Nicole by OPI: Rainbow in the S-Kylie (sigh)
 This concludes today's lesson in loopy, domestic humor. Have a great weekend, guys. :)


  1. I really love all the jewelry in this ensemble! And the shoes! Purple perfection ;)

  2. Everytime I see you in a leotard and skirt it makes me want to try it because you look fantastic!

  3. i love these! this outfit is so super cute on you! and i really like your nails as well.

  4. You look great as always but today I am quite smitten with the doll dress. I would love one full size.

  5. Gorgeous look and pics, darling!
    Loving those shoes!


  6. i adore full skirts. you choose the best outfit to appear in the background of a tv interview (by chance or not)!

    past year i appeared two times on local tv (somewhere, trying to hide in the background)... ;))))) i really don't like being on tv.


  7. This first picture where you hold your flat-iron made me laugh out loud :D Yet still you look very fashionable :)!

  8. I have just discovered your blog and definitely love it. You’re in my daily reads now
    So, i’m your newest follower! Do you want to follow me back?

  9. You're still braver than me. I could barely get the courage to take photos in our hallway (where it was probably around 60 degrees) wearing a dress. Speaking of, I FINALLY posted a photo in the Shabby Apple dress.

  10. Love your purple high heels dear!!! Excuse my delay in answering you! And thanks for your lovely comment, but are you sure that you're follow me publicly by GFC? Because you don't appear on my GFC Followers list...Check it please! Then, I’ll follow you!!!

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

  11. O. I adore this outfit. So many
    ways to wear this - soooo retro.

    Had a good laugh - thanks to the
    pic. of you spacing out.


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