dressed up like a lady: February Retrospective!

Feb 1, 2012

February Retrospective!

We're moved into our new house, and I have an arsenal of content locked and loaded for the coming month, from outfits, to home decorating, to my new huge and totally stuffed closet. In the meantime, here's a retrospective of highlights from Februarys past!

February 2011

February 2010

February 2009

February 2008

I could only find one picture in my Flickr account labeled February '08, and it's this one of me goofing around with my friend and former drummer Bobby. Sorry, Bobby.


  1. Your photos in this blue velvet dress and docs are somewhere on my computer. All your photos are very inspirating.

  2. I especially love the blue dress/cloche outfit! It's so very early 30's! Adorable!

  3. Every version of you looks amazing :D

  4. caramba! that coat/cape, the long
    violet gloves [my fav. color, the
    boot, the hat - baby you ought to be in pictures.

    also love the blue dress ensemble.

    you have a wonderfully fresh 40s,
    50s aasthetic [30s, also?] aesthetic. hopefully you will pen
    a book after you and MC have settled in.

    how a 2000 girl can embody the
    this glamour style without being
    frilly or costumey.

    aai, i haven't talked this much
    in years [lol]


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