dressed up like a lady: House love.

Feb 14, 2012

House love.

Happy Valentine's Day! MC have little more in mind for the evening than eating vegan treats, watching a choice movie, and spending a little quality time in our new digs -- so I thought I'd honor the holiday with yet another anecdote of house love. 

Remember how I said that back when we were viewing our new house as prospective buyers, I had an undeniable feeling in the deepest seat of my soul that this was destined to be OUR house? Well in the interest of fairness, it's hard not to fall in love with a house that comes with an original playhouse, built and painted in the style of the home!

 Needless to say, my heart exploded with the thought of my darling, beloved step daughter having a kickass playhouse to stage her antics in. Clearly, the thing needs a fresh coat of paint and some TLC, so that's on the agenda for Spring. But in the meantime, my little lady informs me that this is apparently the new headquarters for our Girls-Only Top Secret Club (to which she says she'll grant exceptions for her daddy and Chi -- so diplomatic), so I think she's excited about it too. :)


  1. That is the most adorable thing I have seen all day.

  2. Gah! So jealous of your playhouse! Fun for your step-daughter, sure, but fun for you too. If you ever host a tea party, please remember to send an invite my way!

    I once rented an apartment simply because it had swinging western saloon doors entering into the bathroom. They were so awesome.

  3. Playhouses are the best! When I was a child, a family friend had a play trailer...it was amazing. It had a mini kitchen and everything. Highlight of my childhood- it will totally be a highlight of your step-daughters!

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  6. I'd totally hang out in that playhouse myself.


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