dressed up like a lady: Little houses.

Feb 3, 2012

Little houses.

Readers keep asking if my the brass pendant I've been wearing was a "housewarming" gift from MC, so I thought I'd give everybody a closer look! Here it is, along with my gift to MC -- a tiny little porcelain house.

A particularly cute thing about the pendant is that it opens up to show a little cross-section of the inside!

MC and I have a tradition of giving each other little gifts now and then -- something small and inexpensive, with a little love poem attached. I highly recommend the practice! It's cheap and easy and completely brightens the day for you both. He usually gets me a matchbox car Firebird Trans Am (my favorite), and I give him miniature versions of just about anything.

Just in case you're curious how this practice got started between us: the first Little Gift I gave MC was a tiny bowtie, which I left for him on his desk at work, the first week we were dating. I originally purchased it from a seller on Etsy (who intended it for a doll or a bear, I assume), with plans to give it to MC as a nod to both his tremendous style and deliciously perfect stature (which is to say, we are the exact same height). 

This is how I packaged it.

The case originally had earplugs in it. A little ingenuity will get you far in love. ;)


  1. That is so darn sweet :) I think I will do something similar for valentines day for my boyfriend (super good plan for a poor student, handmade goodness, hooray!)

  2. I'm in love, which is why my blog has been so quiet lately.

    Mike, too, is the exact same height as I am. I forgot how amazing it is to be so mad about a person.

    And, I can not wait to see what you two do with that new dream home! So happy for you.

  3. I think I've just fallen in love with your relationship ;) You two keep amazing me every single time.

  4. You're both adorable. But lovely adorable, not Mr & Mrs Diabetes. My favourite silly lil nothin' my love gave me was a mini red Mercedes, because for days I was singing (badly, I might add) "Mercedes Benz". Funnily enough, we bought a new TV a few weeks later. It's fate I tell ya!

  5. Excellent.I can not wait to see what you two do with that new dream home!
    power of rudraksha

  6. Such a sweet idea! I wonder if this works as well an engineer (initials also MC!)...
    Love the house pendant!

  7. Ah! you two are too cute and my dear, you have quite a way with words.


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