dressed up like a lady: My Sharp Dressed Man.

Feb 2, 2012

My Sharp Dressed Man.

It goes without saying at this point that MC likes to dress well; clearly, style is one of the many interests we connect on. Incidentally, he also has the luxury of looking good even when he makes zero effort, rolling out of bed with disheveled hair that falls somewhere in between James Dean and John Dillinger. I'd say I should be so lucky -- but waking up next to a sexy man is probably something I should be grateful for. And far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth. Unless the mouth is not an allegory, but in fact an actual, physical attribute, which does not belong to a a fictional horse, but to Matt Collar. Who is about to make out with me. When he wakes up in the morning looking hot. Anyway uh...what was I talking about?

This particularly nice argyle sweater is of special note, because it was a hand-me-down from our friend and former co-worker Andrew Leahey, who apparently outgrew it when he became all ripped or something. He started running marathons and thus, it can be assumed, went insane. He and his blushing bride Emily left us for the warmer climes of Nashville last year, but at least he left us this sweater -- and a picture of himself rocking it at an office party back in '08! 

Check out Margaret lurking in the background! And I'm pretty sure that's my hand on the right. This shot is just full of stars. Anyway, I think MC does it justice.

Another detail worth noting is that MC was sporting the vintage watch I gave him for Christmas! For those keeping track: it's inspired by the watch Robert Redford wears in Three Days of the Condor.

In keeping with the '70s vibe, MC is also sporting his winter beard, which I LOVE. It's soft and touchable and makes him look like effing James Brolin!

Okay, that's enough smitten rambling for now.

 Excuse me, I have a gift horse to make out with.


  1. I love that watch. The face is really cool! The band reminds me of my boyfriend's fossil band.

  2. Glad to see the sweater getting some love! I adored that thing, but it was never the same after I put it in the dryer. It lost about two inches at the bottom and I found myself exposing my navel whenever I wore it, like Rose McGowan wearing that belly shirt to school in "Scream."

  3. Very dapper!
    You are such a gorgeous couple... love that last pic!


  4. Such a cute blog post! Jealous of your other half :( Atm I'll take any guy, whether he can dress or not...

  5. you two make such an adorable couple!! i love it!!


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