dressed up like a lady: New (Old) Couch!

Feb 16, 2012

New (Old) Couch!

I promised to photograph our new antique couch, so now I must deliver. Here she is! This soft, firm, oh so comfy 1940's sofa was apparently resprung and reupholstered like, yesterday, because aside from the woodwork and markings on the bottom, it's brand effing new. And we LOVE it!

Incidentally, so does Chi. Though Chi pretty much loves every new object brought into the house -- doubly so if he can lay on it.

Uh oh. Look out.

Heh, I guess in addition to Chi's wild side, these pictures also showcase less flattering elements of our home like unpainted walls, shop-vac box sitting in the dining room, and  wallpaper lingering in a semi-removed state. I guess I can save some of these shots for the "Before" folder for my home renovation posts. ;)


  1. Lovely, lovely new couch! I love it!

  2. I love your cat's moustache & beard!

  3. BUT you have a Nauga! On your mantelpiece!!! That is all I saw, besides the cute cat and your lovely sweater, of course!


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