dressed up like a lady: Seasonal conufsion.

Feb 13, 2012

Seasonal conufsion.

It would probably bee too cold to wear this outfit today, but it wasn't so bad a few days ago, when I actually wore it. The climate's mood swings are hard to keep up with.

Dress: Anna Sui for Target
Leotard underneath: Capizio
Scarf: Target
Over-the-knee socks: Sockdreams
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Coach, used to be my mom's


  1. That dress is really amazing; I wish they still had it.

    I like your leotard under the dress idea. I've been trying to figure out how to wear that dress I got at Hot Topic because it will be in the 30s; how to cover my arms was really stumping me because a cardigan would cover up part of the heart cutout.

  2. That is a really phenomenal dress. I love how the puff sleeve works with the leotard's sleeves, and how you continue the solid black accents throughout the whole ensemble.

  3. bag & shoes are amazing! You look breathless !!

  4. What a gorgeous dress! Would not have imagined that something so lovely would have been born of Target.

  5. This is a really wonderful outfit! I love every stitch of it.

  6. r u getting rid of your pink hair..

  7. This dress is so cute *.*
    I wish I could wear such things now... but it's definitely too cold in Poland.

  8. Such a wonderful outfit, made spectacular by the beautiful dress! You pull it off so elegantly and with such style. I love the whole look, and think you look absolutely beautiful.

  9. O. cammila, your outfit is mad


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