dressed up like a lady: Snow Bunny.

Feb 21, 2012

Snow Bunny.

MC took these pictures of me on Valentine's Day. He says I look like a "snow bunny." I should have worn rabbit ears, I've totally got 'em.

We love the gigantic pine tree in our back yard, and not just because it provides a backdrop for what MC called these "Kickass, yearbook-looking photos." It's also beautiful and, dare I say, possibly magical. The first time we pulled into our driveway with my step-daughter, she looked at it and said "It's a camphor tree, like Totoro's!" (click the link to see Totoro's tree), and just the other night we met a pretty little screech owl sitting in it, who was warbling beautiful intonations that sounded nothing like her unflattering name would suggest.  ;)


  1. The tree is amazing. I wish I had a Totoro's tree on my backyard ;D And I love your boots and sweater! :)

  2. you make a sweater jeans and snow boots look so perfect! You have a gift. I think the red lips and pink hair have a bit to do with it.

  3. just gorgeous! everything! tree included.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  4. The way your glasses are fogged up in the first photo makes it look like you are wearing those gag glasses that have painted eyes on them, haha.

    As a side note (to my other completely irrelevant observation), I love collarbones!

  5. Although it may just be a cute sweater and jeans with some boots you may look it look gorgeous. Comfy but still very stylish.


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