dressed up like a lady: Extremely pale legs and admittedly short shorts.

Mar 30, 2012

Extremely pale legs and admittedly short shorts.

Shorts: BDG
Top: Thrifted
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Bag: Coach, thrifted


I'm trying to get a little sun on my whiter than white legs, but I don't think it's going to make much difference for now. I'm lucky I don't really burn easily, but just the same, we Swedes don't exactly bronze like golden gods. This weekend, MC and I have a photo shoot with a kickass local photographer and artist, sample colors to paint on the walls and a million Save the Date cards to send out, but I have a feeling we'll figure a way to spend a fair chunk of time investigating what rooms of the house we haven't made out in yet. Just kidding. But not really.


  1. I love that you paired the scandal of your short shorts with the innocence of your pearls ;) Quite brilliant. You look lovely as always.
    And your legs aren't nearly as ghostly as mine!

  2. You have a fantastic style! Thanks so much for stopping by, I just followed you, maybe you'd like to follow back:)
    Wish you an amazing weekend!:X

  3. Shorts? :O We have winter again in Poland... After short period of Spring it's very cold. I envy you so much right now! And I love these shorts and shoes :)

  4. Gorgeous outfit, I love the shoes! And you have amazing legs!

  5. majorally hot outfit - now I know what to wear for
    my birthday this summer.

  6. holy cow, you really do have superhuman legs...and the shoes are great. perfect heel height.
    hear ya re: the pasty albino european-ness. at least you guys don't have the ozone hole over your head and with it the inability to spend more than 10 mins in the sun without crispifying. 30+ sunscreen all over, everyday is the only solution.
    enjoy the house exploration..(my 1br apartment has so many drawbacks! :)


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