dressed up like a lady: This is what we do.

Mar 23, 2012

This is what we do.

Last week, MC and I came home to discover that three packages had arrived for me, containing three miscellaneous, unrelated items I'd recently ordered. 

So we took the most logical course of action: I put them all on at once and we had an impromptu, bonkers photo shoot.

Oh and also: I had a cold. I'd been sneezing and cranky all day, and after about 15 minutes of these shenanigans, I was all tired and done. But of course, me crashing on an unmade bed featuring a vintage 80's NFL blanket was definitely not less bonkers than anything else we'd shot, so MC kept on snapping. I felt like I was shooting an American Apparel ad, except for the minor fever, and the fact that I was still wearing my clothes. 


  1. That's t most abstract set I've ever seen you wearing... Still, I love it ;D

  2. You're pics are so cool ♥ !

  3. dang, you guys are crazy-lucky to have found each other!
    and who would have thought that outfit was hot waiting to happen?

  4. Cold or not, you look lovely!

  5. I am reading this at a Starbucks and trying really hard to not bust out laughing out loud.

  6. this is pretty much the style I've come to expect from you- wild and random and one of a kind and completely badass. Those leggings are killer and the litas are perfect with this look. I'm glad you saw/felt the AA reference because I totally picked up on it too. You make feeling sick look good.

  7. This outfit seems like a natural choice for you. I love the flower leggings against the flower chair.


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