dressed up like a lady: What is this "topicality" of which you speak?

Mar 21, 2012

What is this "topicality" of which you speak?

Big wool Southwest sweater: Thrifted
Purple tights: Sockdreams
Shorts: UO
Shoes: Vintage, Enzo Angiolini

If it's warm enough in wintry Michigan for me to be nudging my wool sweaters toward the cedar chest for the year, I can only imagine how non-wool friendly the climate is everywhere else. But what can I say, it was chilly as a mofo when I woke up the morning I took this, and I didn't bother getting a shot of the t-shirt I had on underneath. Let this woolly mammoth have its 15 seconds of fame before it's sequestered from moths for the summer.

And thank you so much for all the sweet words the other day when I was whining about my UTI! I got some anti-biotics and some much needed rest, and I had MC here to take care of me all day, so I'm feeling much better. He read to me out of On the Road, and we watched all three Die Hard movies (the fourth one doesn't count, so don't even ask). I'd be hard pressed to think of any form of entertainment that's more restorative. Well, any form of media-based entertainment, that is. ;) 


  1. It's always a mixture of sadness and joy when you have to pack away your sweaters for the summer. I'm in Minnesota and it's been mediating between spring and summer, so I'm thinking winter is over and I should say goodbye to my sweaters...well, till October.

  2. oh drat. here in Aus-land we're about to bust 'em out again for what seems like the 5th round of winter in the last 5 seasons...I long for it to be over already. and glad to hear you're all better-ified. :)

  3. Seriously, Camilla, you have the best collection of thrifted wooly sweaters, ever! I've only bought one since moving to Scotland -- you can almost wear them year-round here.
    So glad you are feeling better too!

  4. Just realized I butchered the spelling of your name! Gah! Sorry, CamMila!


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