dressed up like a lady: A few treasures.

Apr 9, 2012

A few treasures.

We scored some lovely, cheap treasures at Mix Marketplace a few weeks ago, including a sweet ring for my stepdaughter with the face of a little girl that looks not at all unlike one of her Blythe dolls, and thus, not at all unlike the beautiful child herself -- big blue eyes and all. This past weekend was stuffed full of wonderful visits with family, a hunt for treasures hidden by the Easter Bunny, and a fitting for my wedding gown that could not have been any more delightfully awesome. 

I must admit that my aversion to sleep can sometimes get me in trouble (there are SO many more interesting things to do), and too many 5/- hr. nights caused me to relapse into a cold yesterday afternoon -- how pathetic for a healthy young woman! Nobody's fault but my own! But I really can't complain too much about it. I retired to the couch, where I could still provide the voices to various characters that little GBear enacted all around us with toys and dolls, until we somehow ended up in a game where we were pretending she was the one who was sick, and I was driving her to the doctor, and then being the doctor -- except I didn't have to move, she just jumped around me and brought me various props for the adventure. As usual, the joy in this house is more restorative than anything a doctor could prescribe. Except possibly a decent night's sleep, on occasion. ;)  


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