dressed up like a lady: Legacy.

Apr 16, 2012


That tiny photo in there is a picture of my dad when he was a little boy. :)

My 99 year old grandma decided she doesn't need her costume jewelry anymore -- at least not the piles and piles of it that she hasn't worn in years. I've been plotting to devote a tribute post to my grandma for a while, but it's hard to narrow down the pictures. Anyway, she directed all the unwanted baubles to my mom and I, and this is just a sliver of it. As you can guess, GBear was delighted to sort through the treasures with us, and though she tried on a select few gems, she mostly wanted to decorate me -- like her own silly, larger than life doll. Such a discerning child. ;)


  1. Love this. I have a few items of my grandmother's and great grandmother's and they are my most favorite items to wear. Have fun dressing up!

  2. props to sweet grandma - love her rings. now we now your good taste
    has been handed down.

  3. Great story. Your grandma must be fascinating person.

  4. oh, i love hand me downs... awesome jewelery!
    my granny gave so much amazing clothes to me. i really appreciate keeping those pieces so much...

    oh, i just listened to the canastas. pretty cool! can't wait to hear more.


  5. What a cool collection of costume jewelry! I bet your grandma is happy to have a granddaughter who will cherish all her old things.

  6. is this the same grandma that said, "Let's get pissed" at your family gathering several years ago?


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