dressed up like a lady: My recent pins on Pinterest...

Apr 25, 2012

My recent pins on Pinterest...

Before I get on with the business of today's post: I was interviewed by awesome and beautiful new mom KC, of Ric Rac Heart Attack today! Click here to read it!

Okay, moving right along, here's a sample of what I've been pinning recently over on Pinterest!

Source: nastygal.com via Cammila on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Cammila on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Cammila on Pinterest

And of course, I can't do a Pinterest recap without offering a few examples from my favorite of MC's boards, Reminds Me of My Girl, which is comprised of pictures that remind him of me (if you can believe it -- which I sometimes can't!) MC's own captions provided.  :)

"Who's your tiger?" 

"Junior high Cammila." 

"My Valkyrie." 

"Rocks the mic." 
Source: snk-capcom.com via Matt on Pinterest


"Summer glamor Cammila." 
Source: thatgirlstylellp.com via Matt on Pinterest-

"Because as he dreamt, I shall save his life with an arrow, an arrow of my love for him." 

"Resident badass." 
Source: google.com via Matt on Pinterest

"Talks to animals." 

"Would wear no pants in space." 

"Pin-up Engine Room Utility Belt Glamour Girl! Always Looking Hot and Fixing Things." 


"I know that look." 
Now don't get it into your head that I  take these kinds of comparisons for granted, or even necessarily think I'm worthy of them! That's neither here nor there, really. As usual with this blog, I like to share this stuff because it goes to the beauty of true love -- where two people who are enraptured or excited by sensual or alluring images of other people can see in them, reflections of each other. That's just something I find fascinating and delightful (and not just because I'm on the giving and receiving ends of it!), and if you like to visit this blog, then hopefully you feel the same. 


  1. Awesome pins... you know I love your taste; I already follow all your bodacious boards!
    And yes, I am completely addicted to Pinterest!


  2. In love with the 1st image...that polka dot blouse.
    OK and Christy Turlington is one of my favourite models (ah the models of the 90's still my fave to this day).
    Great pins!

  3. Love the first pic too!!! Pretty absolutely!!:D
    I think you will be like chic things, now you can have a try here:ray ban uk

  4. Oh I think it's such a wonderfully tender idea.
    And the cat on the stairs -- hahaha! Love it all!

  5. I may have hinted to my boyfriend once or twice that he needs to join Pinterest and create a board like that.


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