dressed up like a lady: "Oh lovely, are you going to a wedding?"

Apr 4, 2012

"Oh lovely, are you going to a wedding?"

White 70's maxi dress: Vintage via the Getup
Flat sandals: ASOS
Crochet bag, aviator sunglasses: Thrifted
Green turquoise necklace: Had it too long to remember

The title of this post is what a happy woman came up and asked me on this warm Saturday afternoon, as MC and I combed the racks of our local Salvation Army. Aside from the fact that I wouldn't attend a wedding in a white dress (bitch move, no?), I totally get it. But I gave her the same answer I always give: 

"If I waited for a special occasion to wear the things I love, I'd never get to wear them." 

Clearly, I get variations on "What are you so dressed up for?" too often to be embarrassed by the question anymore, and I'm delighted tell you that it really just pleases me when folks are entertained or even cheered by the sight of someone wearing taffeta or heels amid the sea of cropped cargo pants and dudes in Crocs. People always ask if I'm afraid I'll "ruin" whatever I'm wearing, but I dare say I've never met a vintage dress I couldn't pop into the gentle cycle on cold. And besides -- ruin it for what? For the prom? I don't own this stuff so it can sit in my closet! :)

Anyway, what's wrong with wearing a pretty dress to go thrifting? Especially when charity shops provide such sophisticated photographic backdrops?! ;D


  1. Just stumbled across your blog -- I love it! You've got great style.

  2. Amazing find, darling!
    Love the red floral applique detail on this dress!


  3. I can't believe it's warm enough to wear sumer dress! You are lucky :/ I still have to wear my winter clothes.

    P.S. Thank you for kind words about my hair :) I've recently cut it short and usually wear them in punk hairstyle.

  4. You are so stunning in every way! I love your look & your outlook :)

  5. Exactly. The perfect dress for a sunny day out thrifting I think.

  6. People ask me why I'm dressed up all the time, too. "What's the occasion?" I always answer "I left the house!"

  7. "If I waited for a special occasion to wear the things I love, I'd never get to wear them." : I'm stealing that, hope you don't mind. Your attitude about getting dressed is the reason I read your blog more often than any other. I know that whatever you're wearing is 100% you that day - you're as authentic as they come.


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