dressed up like a lady: Wedding Antiquing Trip

Apr 24, 2012

Wedding Antiquing Trip

This past weekend, MC and I took a trip with my beloved soon-to-be sister in-law Alessandra to Mason, a tiny little community with a great big Antiques District, about 35 miles outside the farming town I grew up in. Our goal was to scour the place for the cheapest, cutest vintage cups and plates, so that everybody at our post-wedding party can eat and drink in kitschy style. Well 6 hours of hunting later, we may have met our entire goal in ONE DAY! 

This is just a tiny sample of everything we picked up!

We also found some other miscellaneous items that will come in handy by way of decorations and favors....

Oh, and MC picked up this. He also doctored it, if you can't tell...

I even scored yet another vintage Heinlein novel that was missing from my nerdy collection. It was a really awesome day. As if it wasn't enough spending 6 hours together antiquing, plus hanging with GBear and my mom, dad, and aunt before and after, we even took the half-pint over to Alessandra's house afterward to talk some more and let the kids play. All told, we spent the whole dang day together, and it made me feel like nothing less than the luckiest girl on Earth. :)


  1. Lovely day! What a great idea, using vintage everything for the wedding. I have loads of glassware- wish I loved close enough to lend to ya,
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. What a great score!! Love those coloured stem glasses.

  3. Wow! I love the idea of a vintage themed wedding. It would be more interesting. Looking forward for the pictures of the wedding on your next post. SO excited. :)

  4. Those glasses and plates are so pretty. What a unique idea! Will you keep them afterward or give them as wedding favors?


  5. sure seems like a perfect day! those glasses are beautiful - I'm gonna have to start collecting beautiful things for the wedding too, coz we got engaged last Saturday! (YAY!!) so excited I can barely breathe most days :)

  6. I'm so excited for your wedding because I'm sure the photos are going to be ah-maz-ingly.

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