dressed up like a lady: Weekend Summary

Apr 2, 2012

Weekend Summary

This weekend we...

Had a photoshoot with awesome photographer So Dyno, who tapped us for some fun editorial work:

Went thrifting and picked up some sweet vintage kids' books (GBear's section of the library can't be huge enough!):

Sent out a zillion Save the Date cards -- but still have addresses to hunt down:

Picked up some new door mats that we're pretty jazzed about stomping our boots on:

Got a picture of the new area rug in the living room -- the one I promised to post pics of a couple weeks ago. It took us a while to find one that had the Arts and Crafts colors we wanted, but also looked good with our oddball collection of eclectic furniture. I think this one fits the bill:

As long as we're looking at this view of the living room, I might as well take the opportunity to illustrate how it looks to me:

And how was your weekend? :)


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Can't wait to see the editorial!
    p.s. Perfect rug!

  2. My weekend was lazy and calm... nah, just kidding ;) Lots of makeups and running in many different places.

  3. a lot of great photos... you life seems to be so exciting!
    oh, your save the date-cards are awesome!


  4. I had a photoshoot too!! Yay look at us LOL!
    LOVE the rug & your style of furniture.

  5. Hahaha! I love YOUR view of your living room. That is exactly how I feel about our new house except for that we're renting and I can't make any permanent changes (no matter how badly I want to). Those editorial shots look amazing, I hope we get to see them soon!


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