dressed up like a lady: Looking pale.

May 18, 2012

Looking pale.

MC and I like to grab "date night" whenever we get the chance. We recently found ourselves free on a rainy Thursday evening and went to a movie, where I couldn't resist posing on the ridiculous Dark Shadows throne in the theater lobby. 

Clearly, Tim Burton watched the show Dark Shadows as a youngster and it has a big place in his goth little heart. That has to be why, when he chose to adapt the 1966 show into a 2012 movie, he decided to make it still take place in 1966. I would imagine that to him, the Brady Bunch looking fashions of the original era are part of the charm.

But seriously, have you ever actually tried to watch Dark Shadows? My only recollections are of flipping by reruns of it on the Sci-Fi Channel, but Oh my God, it is SO deeply and tediously boring. It's like a daytime soap opera on Ambien.  

It's got crazy, psychedelic-mod clothes though. Or so I was able to gather by scattering by the color episodes available on Netflix. Every woman on the show looks like a 1960's stewardess.


  1. Fun post, darling!
    Love your thigh high socks!

    And I say "dope" all the time :)


  2. you're so funny, cammila. ooh, the yellow bedsheet set is alluring-
    gave me a bright idea.

  3. I can't decide whether I want to see Dark Shadows or not. Haaa, love the "every woman looks like a '60s stewardess" observation. The dress in the second to last still you posted is nothing short of amazing!


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