dressed up like a lady: Mom ♥

May 14, 2012

Mom ♥

I would use a lot of words to describe my wonderful mom. Giving, loving, selfless, affectionate, smart, tough, silly, stylish, eternally maternal...

These photos from over the many years (some of which were before I was born) hint at some of her many qualities. :)

Viking mother and child...

Hiding behind the giantess! Mom is so stealthy (and tiny!). 


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. It was fun seeing her over the years, especially since I have known her since about 1976. I remember all those hairdoos too!

    1. That's wonderful, Kris! It's so fun how the image of a person's "look" from different periods can transport you to that moment in time.

      I love how in almost every shot, she's found a stylish way to wear layers. She's so slim and petite -- she's always cold!! ;D

  2. I can see the resemblance! Pretty ladies.

  3. You & your mum are just stunning. I hope that screaming baby she is holding is you :P

  4. aww so sweet! Love the transition; fashion, hair and style. Great post!

  5. Ahh the perm years. Your mama is so stunning! Look at her in those round frames, you definitely get the je ne sais quoi from her


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