dressed up like a lady: Say "Yes"

May 11, 2012

Say "Yes"

You  might be wondering why I'm wearing no shoes. Fair question.

The answer is that while I was wearing this outfit, I was also attempting to find a safe place to store the vintage tableware we got for the wedding. It occurred to me, while holding one of the chunky 70's water goblets we picked up, that my image felt oddly familiar...

Makes sense. This kickass shot of a very hot-rollered Jaclyn Smith is pinned to the wall behind my desk at work! Despite this level of familiarity, I still managed to transpose her position when attempting to replicate it.

High waisted flares: VS
Clogs: Jeffrey Campbell
Stratford Shakespeare Fest tee: Vintage via the Getup
Amber glass water goblet: Vintage via the Mason Antiques District

Before this post became so distracted with my desire to replicate Jaclyn's awesome look (if anybody knows where to find one of those "Say Yes" tee shirts, please let me know!) I was planning on taking a minute to discuss these high waisted flares from Victoria's Secret. You may have noticed by now that I have MANY pairs of 70's style bell bottoms at this point, from many varied denim manufacturers. But I was nonetheless still interested in what VS has to offer because of one word: inseam. I have WAY disproportionately long legs, and I'm kind of tall to boot; I really don't like wearing most of my flares with these 6 inch clogs, because the flare itself ends up hovering above my ankles.

These jeans came in a 34 in. inseam, which is good. But I must admit, they're not quite perfect. This particular wash (riviera azure, I believe) comes in a linen-esque texture that I wish were just a bit more body hugging and less relaxed. But I guess it all depends on the outfit. The search for the perfect 70's flares continues...


  1. Have you ever tried Old Navy jeans? I'm 5'8" and have a pair of Old Navy flares from them that go an or two inch past my feet; and since they also carry a "Tall" version of most of their jeans they might be a good bet for you. The style of flares I have from them doesn't have much stretch but since most of their jeans do......

    1. I'm 5'8" too! And so is Matt, but apparently my height is all in my legs, because I have to adjust the seat backward if I try to drive his car. I'll check out Old Navy jeans -- I'm always desperate for longer ones. Thanks, babe! :D

  2. The blend of cotton, polyester, and a little spandex in these makes me think they would be somewhat body-hugging....



  3. You might not think they're the perfect flares, but I have to say they look fantastic on you!!! You legs look ten miles long, which is never a bad thing! (Or so, with my 28" inseam, I'd imagine ;D)

    Thank you very much much for your lovely comment today, dear gal. I agree, there is such a heartwarming sweetness to old illustrations like that. They're charming enough to wrap and use as wall art.

    Wishing you an absolutely awesome Friday!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Love the inspiration and the look!
    Fabulous jeans!


  5. nice
    I follow u, follow me?

  6. My most perfect pair were cream colored polyester Levi's. Got them for .50 with 70's tags still on. They were amazing (if a little too see-through). My biggest issue with them was they were too long! I've since consigned them, but you may want to look into good ol' Levi.

  7. Not your Daughter's Jeans on nordys has xlong great flares

  8. Gorgeous flares (good luck with the search for the perfect ones)! Lovely photos <3


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