dressed up like a lady: Wedding Inspiration: Cake time!!!

May 15, 2012

Wedding Inspiration: Cake time!!!

Photos from: Bleubird Vintage, frolic!, unknown, Trufflepiggies, Bakerita.  

When it comes to our wedding cakes, MC and I don't want a floofy tiered affair -- that's not quite our style. We want some delicious, substantial VEGAN layer cakes for us and our guests to mow down on. Good thing the beautiful and talented baketress Beth Sielicki is our close, personal friend! The gifted confectionery artist had never made vegan cakes or icings before, so when she gave it a try, she made us some cute little sample cakes to see what we thought of her work. 

I'll give you three guesses as to what we thought.

Um, yeah. DELICIOUS. This whole wedding planning thing is pretty fun. ;)


  1. You are lucky to ba able to order vegan cake :/ It's almost impossible in Poland.

  2. I effing love that rosemary adorned one! Your wedding plans are inspiring me to actually have a wedding even though it's been (I think) 10 years since elopement! Thanks for sharing the fun.

  3. What a drag! If you're ever around here, I'll bake you a big, delicious vegan cake myself! :)

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  5. Delicious post, darling!
    I need some red velvet cake stat!


    P.S. How about a crocheted dress over skinny jeans with a cute bra underneath? Otherwise, as a beach cover up?

  6. Mmmm. VEGAN!!! Yes! Do it!


  7. these are ridiculously adorable!!

    I would love these for weekend.

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