dressed up like a lady: GOD, I HATE THE HICCUPS.

Jun 13, 2012


I HATE having the hiccups!!! I hate hate hate them!!! 

Heehee, that is why I am pathetically scowling in all of these pictures. 

 Tank: Tee party
Old square dancing skirt: Thrifted, many years ago
Faux pearls, rose earrings: Vintage via the Getup
Heels: Steve Madden

Lucky for me, MC made his best effort to make me feel better, buying me a hunk of 88% dark chocolate with our breakfast, and insisting to me that I looked pretty despite feeling like a spasming mess. And while that precious sweetness might make you wanna barf, at least know that it totally worked!

I was ready by that afternoon to appear in my department's round-table video about Prometheus! 
It's full of spoilers! My proximity to the microphone makes me sound like I have a lisp! I say "like" too much!
But hey, at least I wasn't hiccuping through it. If you're not into watching the whole vid, scroll to the very, very end, after the last title card to hear my friend Perry lay down a sweet one-liner.


  1. Oh my goodness - had to post right away because I saw Prometheus last night and agree 100% with what you guys had to say.

    I'm a huge fan of the original Alien (in my top 5 movies of all time), and everything that makes that film wondrous is completely absent in Prometheus. I bitched so much about it afterward that the rest of my movie-going party probably got sick of me ;)

    (Btw, you look lovely in this clip, and you don't talk nearly enough!)

    I, like you, felt cheated. I also went into it with high expectations, considering my deep, deep curiosity about the origins of the Space Jockeys (now called "Engineers." Whatever). What I got instead was a jumbled, schmaltzy, non-inspiring, loud mess. Yes, it was beautiful - but beauty isn't gonna hold me for nearly 2.5 hours.

    I felt no connection to the characters - in Alien I not only got a sense of the background and personality of each character, but I felt for them and wanted each and every one of them to get out alive. I was actually laughing at some of the Prometheus characters' demises. Okay, maybe not laughing, but at least not sorry to see them go.

    The female lead in this film is no Ripley, either.

    Ultimately, there was no humanity in this film. What makes Alien so great (and its simplicity, as one of your colleagues noted, is key here) is its ultimate message of human endurance and survival. I always like to say that Alien really isn't about the aliens - that it's about us. Prometheus, however, isn't about anything. There is no "there" there (as my boyfriend likes to say).

    Phew. Sorry Cammila, but I had to get that off my chest - and your blog is here to help me do so!

    1. TOTALLY! Also, this video was long enough, but given more time, I would have complained about COMPLETE MIMBO playing the male archaeologist/love interest. There is no WAY that pretty boy idiot would be a scientist! Why does Patrick Wilson show up in that cameo role as the female lead's father, when he would have been a VAST improvement as the actual male lead?!

      Aside from him, the roles are all pretty well acted -- I guess. It's hard to evaluate any performance when most of the characters' motivations are being purposely obscured from the audience. MC had an interesting point about the embarrassing lack of depth, payoff, and clarity in the movie: maybe there was more of that originally in the script, but Ridley Scott, in his attempt to reclaim his status as an auteur, cut that stuff from the movie, hoping that the lack of explanation would lend the film an abstractness, or turn prose into poetry. Essentially, the old expression "Muddying your waters to make them appear deep."

      Anyway, if you enjoyed that, then you will LOVE this totally hilarious and completely on point video about the pertinent and infuriating questions this movie leaves you with:


    2. Hilarious - def something to pass on! Is the black goo the same as the green goo? :)

  2. You seemed nervous :) But you are stunning as always.

  3. Your video is great! Are there more of you guys talkin about films? Perry's one-liner is perfection. That Red Letter Media video is hilarious too. "Is David a secret asshole?"
    You look stunning and, my word your posture is incredible.
    Am I dumb for liking Prometheus? I guess, because I think I just let a lot of mystery plot holes wash over me when seeing it. I really liked Noomi Rapace as the lead, but I admit that being due to me loving her as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I don't know! I think when questionable things happened I just said, "Ok" and let the movie go on to the next scene. I did role my eyes when Weyland was alive and nobody gave a shit. Also, Charlize totally had enough time to run any other direction in order to not be squished. I guess I need to see it again and take my blinders off and put my 3D glasses on.

    1. No, you are not dumb! You know, honestly, a facet of this discussion that I wish we could have gotten into more is that little snippet where I tried to convey how NOT boring the movie is! Because I was fully enjoying myself from the beginning to the end -- and I get antsy and bored REALLY easily. It's actually kind of amazing how well made and captivating the movie is, despite also being full of content issues that subsequently drove me insane. To me, it's maybe the best example ever of a movie that I love while I'm watching it but hate while I'm talking about it. As much time as MC and I have spent picking the movie apart, the first thing he said after the credits rolled was "That was pretty awesome." :)

  4. P.S. I HATE the hiccups too. Mine get crazy violent. Weird crazy cure: try holding a pencil in your mouth horizontally with your teeth and drinking down an entire glass of water without stopping while still holding the pencil in your mouth (do this over a sink because it gets messy)

  5. Ha! I think you summed it up, "Loved it while I'm watching it, but hate while I'm talking about it."....I just keep watching that one video and thinking, "Yeah, what the hell?"

  6. The bitterness of the 88% dark chocolate would have cut his sweetness perfectly, om nom.

  7. The cure that always works for me (and less messy than the above water method) is to lay on my back on a bed or couch with my shoulder and head off hanging off the side. For me it works almost instantly.

  8. UGH the ultimate Fridge Logic movie. Everything was totally awesome while it happened and then I came home and thought about it too hard?

    I just wanted to say that I love yer outfit here, but specifically I absolutely adore that one photo where you're sitting looking at your glasses with your knees splayed? There's something about taking that outfit with the heels and the pearls and the feminine twirly skirt and presenting it in the least demure and girly way possible that just works really freaking well.

  9. i like have a like that one, gonna buy like a pearl necklace or something and maybe like wear the 'fit to the like the office or church. :]
    yeah, like i'm an annoying pain in the butt, like i know that.


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