dressed up like a lady: I'm not f***in' dead!

Jun 15, 2012

I'm not f***in' dead!

This might sound kind of weird, but even though this is a total "I'm a rock chick and I'm playing a show later" outfit, and even though this totally kickass "I'm Not F***in' Dead" Nick Curran t-shirt is worn in the authentic spirit of tearing it up and rocking hard...I was also a little bit inspired by Sex and the City.

I mean dang, Carrie really sets the standard for building a look around your abs!

Nick Curran f***cancer benefit tee: Loyal Citizen Clothing
Shorts: H&M
Blue suede over the knee boots: Vintage via Ebay
Bag: Cynthia Rowley

I guess fashion and rock and roll have always been compatible. :)


  1. Your abs are amazing, as are those boots!


    P.S. Put a pink streak in my hair and thought of you :)

  2. If you've got 'em, flaunt 'em! I love the cut off shirt with the shorts and the electric blue boots. TOTAL rock chick!

  3. Damn, Cammila! You make me feel really guilty about my lack of ab exercises ;)

  4. Love this look (and Nick Curran).

    Is the shirt unisex? The web-site doesn't say, and I'd like to order one.

    1. Yup, they're unisex! And tend more toward the dude end of sizing than girl end. I'm wearing a size Small here, if that helps. :)

  5. wow, this outfit is rock n roll! big love! this nick curran shirt is pretty cool ...


  6. good lord i'm jonesing for those boots.
    yep. fashion and rock n' roll, most def. a committed relationship.

  7. oh yeah and p. s. please tell us how to get a super toned tummy
    like yours, and don't say amazing sex -'cause that is hard to find.

    1. Haha, thanks! Honestly, my body became way more visibly toned when I started eating a hardcore, no-junkfood, green-smoothies, and almond butter sandwiches style vegan diet. But the thing is, I didn't and don't actually do any toning exercises, and aside from staying super generally active, I don't "work out." So getting way into nutrition can be a path to vain hotness I guess is my point. It totally works for me, though I get that a lot of people like to work out, and would rather do that than eat a plant based diet. But that's just how I handle it.

      You have a point though. Amazing sex totally works your core muscles. ;)

  8. Love this look - the boots are awesome!

  9. So as a girl who's totally not in shape to do this, I wholly think if you are, you should take advantage of it! You're doing it very cute and I think it looks great, VERY Carrie!

  10. I love your outfit even if I don't like belly-free.
    I was hopeing that never will be hip again, because I can't wear it, but in fashion everything comes back sooner or later. ;)


  11. That bag is calling my name and I love the boots. SJP has an amazing body. I wish she was still doing some sort of series. I love her vibe!

  12. Oh, fashion and rock n' roll definitely go hand in hand! I love this look. And those boots are to die for!



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