dressed up like a lady: June Retrospective!

Jun 1, 2012

June Retrospective!

June is here! Time for your monthly retrospective, where I cull my blog and Flickr accounts for my most interesting shots from Junes gone by. 

 June 2011:

June 2010:

June 2009:

T-shirt I designed as a gift for my friends Andrew and Emily

 From the most magical split-second of my evening as a grooms-maid at Andrew and Emily's wedding. Since the women in the bridal party all wore sunglasses as we were announced entering the reception, I used the fact that my eyes were obscured to seize the opportunity to stare longingly at the object of my then secret, burning, eternal love, Matt Collar, as I walked by his table. Of course, that's the moment the photographer snapped.
(P.S. Dig Margaret on the far right, with an arrow on her face.)

June 2008:

June 2007:

The last June picture I have stored in the Cloud is a promotional shot of my old pop punk band, Bulletproof. We weren't together for too long after this, but I still know all these awesome guys. In fact, we ended up buying our house half a block away from Bobby the drummer (the center guy, being forced to smile). It's a very small world. :)


  1. It's fun seeing how your taste has continually evolved.

  2. That story about you at the wedding is SO SWEET!
    I am so envious of your wardrobe!

  3. Tout ces looks sont parfaits ! J'espère que tu continueras to blog encore longtemps ;)

  4. In every style you look amazing and I can't keep staring at your photos!

  5. this crazy-mad cool ride thru. june cammila.
    some notes: will be stealing your black & white 'fit with the hat,
    as well as the white dress & blue suede boots.
    you look cute with bangs.
    yeah! shut down bitch-in-ness whenever the occasion arises.
    luv the color block sweater- just geeky enough to be hot.

  6. LOVE so much ur pictures and ur blog!!!
    beautiful style! very personal!
    come visit my blog sweetie and give me ur opinion ;)

  7. happy blogaversary to you and me! :D
    reading your june retrospecitve makes me notice that I'm reading your blog since one year! I still love it and I would be missing something, if there wasn't a pink haired lady on my daily reads, with her lovely style, her cute lovestory and her always nicely shooted pictures.

    thank you!


  8. Honey child, I would love to play in your closet, I see so many pieces that go with things I already have *hint, hint*. Oh and by the way, that haircut is the business! It's giving me a wonderful 80's vibe that I like. Keep doing your thing Diva!


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