dressed up like a lady: Just like the white winged dove

Jun 18, 2012

Just like the white winged dove

All day, people kept telling me this outfit looks like something worn by Stevie Nicks. In fairness, wearing a flowy dress with aviators does, in retrospect, seem like a choice made by somebody on cocaine. Of course, most of what I know about both Stevie Nicks and cocaine is based on a VH1 Behind the Music from like 1997. 

Regardless, I love the shit out of Stevie Nicks -- both fashion and music-wise. So it was totally a compliment.

70's Maxi dress: Vintage via the Getup
Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm
Jewelry: Thrifted

But did Stevie Nicks have a devastatingly handsome photographer, who orchestrates inspired photo shoots with his girl AND carries the coffee? ;)


  1. Love Stevie Nicks and this look. And the reclining pics are fantastic!


    P.S. Your guy is the coolest!

  2. Great dress!

    Great expression on your partner's face.

  3. Probably not! You definitely got the better deal. Haha.
    I love all your necklaces, btw!


  4. I love your maxi dress, it looks great on you! :)


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