dressed up like a lady: Neighborhood garage sale finds

Jun 5, 2012

Neighborhood garage sale finds

This past weekend was our neighborhood wide garage sale. We were only able to catch the tail end, but we still found some pretty awesome stuff!

Some of our favorite neighbors are a pair of retired teachers, who just happened to be selling some beautiful, quality kids' reference books from the 1950's and 60's, full of the kinds of stylish vintage illustrations that make subjects come alive with excitement and strangeness -- something the exactness of high definition digital photography doesn't always capture. There's a magical quality to the sciences, especially when you're a kid. I guess that's why we keep stocking GBear's section of our library with more and more lushly illustrated reference books, which I'm very, very happy to tell you she already loves (and will hopefully still dig when she's actually reading!).

Okay seriously though, was this Pigs in Space lunchbox not the find of the year?! It even came with a matching thermos! Not that we don't already have plenty of lunchboxes, some already featuring the Muppets, but we seem to find uses for all of them, since everybody in this house needs to bring a lunch somewhere. Lunchboxes are also great for storing makeup and sidewalk chalk. ;)


  1. Nice finds! I took both kids there also, and we walked past your house but I don't think you were home. Was the 'book' house the one with dinosaurs in the yard? We found some great stuff too (jealous of your lunchbox!). It's really the best sale of the year.

    1. Yup, the dinosaur house! Those dinosaurs definitely make more sense when you know the people who live there were elementary school teachers.

      I also met the new principal of Estabrook elementary -- who just happened to be there -- and what an incredible woman! Ypsi has such dedicated teachers. :)

  2. fun finds ... the muppets boxes are totally hitting the nail! love them.

  3. AHA! Pigs in space. My day is complete.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge


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