dressed up like a lady: One

Jun 19, 2012


Tank: Long awaited gift (see story below)
High waisted flares: Victoria's Secret
Scarf: Target
Clogs: Torpatoffeln (mine are used from Ebay, but many people get them from Lotta from Stockholm) 
Hat, bag: Local antique shop

While it's true that I received this "U2 - One" t-shirt when it was already in this state of decay, does it count for anything that it was still authentically shredded by age, not by workers in an Urban Outfitters factory or something? This tee belonged to my high school friend Chris House, though I never actually saw it while we were in school. He heard that I liked U2, and told me that somewhere, buried in storage in his parents' house, was this shirt, with an artistic shot of the buffalo from the video for the song, and the word "one" in a variety of languages written on the back; that it was old and decrepit, but if he ever found it, I could have it. 

Years and years after graduating, long after we'd grown up, and Chris was busy being married and having kids and being awesome, he apparently discovered the long hidden shirt. So he actually delivered it to my parents' house, since they still lived in our hometown. I reconfigured it as a tank top, and at some point, I'll probably have to reinforce the parts that are separating, because this thing is living forever. ;)

Do you have any items in your wardrobe with a cool story behind them?


  1. You guys are so f-en cute!! lol Really I love your blog. Cam. you are so beautiful! Matt your not so bad either! lol,lol Ness

  2. I have lots and lots of t-shirts with stories behind them that I will never be able to part with.

    Also, I love these pants. I have such a hard time finding pants long enough for my legs. I'm going to have to try and find a pair like these.

    Hope the wedding planning is coming along well and stress-free!


  3. Fabulous outfit. amazing style . nice post.

  4. My mom has passed down a lot of great pieces to me, probably with some cool stories behind them - I would have loved to see how she styled them.

    And it's great to know there are more U2 fans out there, though I tend to only listen to their stuff between Boy and Achtung Baby.

    I love how you've styled this shirt: hat, scarf, and clogs = perfection!

  5. I love the whole feel of this look, and really I'm feeling that hat and bag. Really nice of your long-time friend to look out like that and remember you wanted that t-shirt! Now's that a good friend!

  6. Love the t-shirt story! If you hadn't mentioned it, I would have totally thought this was a UO-aged tee (not that there's anything wrong with that, but your story is much better).
    I think that my best story will be finding Louboutin's by the dumpster -- not nearly as sentimental, but still makes my jaw drop still (kind of like laughing at your own joke ;).

  7. Love your jeans. Clothes with stories are the best thing :-)

  8. This is really a creative and unique thinking of clothing that you have adopted.


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