dressed up like a lady: Wedding Gown Fitting (No Spoilers!)

Jun 6, 2012

Wedding Gown Fitting (No Spoilers!)

Over the weekend, I went with my mom to another fitting with the beautiful, wonderful, incredibly gifted Laura Lannen, who is making my wedding gown. It would be a bit of a spoiler to post pics of what I'll actually be wearing for my own wedding, so I got pictures of some other pieces from Laura's fantastic collection of vintage and original handmade dresses and head-pieces.

So just in case you're wondering: I am NOT posting pics of my own dress or veil. Not yet, anyway. These are just some pretty things from Laura's magical studio. ;)

My mom and I sat and chatted with Laura for an hour before we even started the fitting. We're lucky ducks to have found such a great and talented friend.  

Laura makes these beautiful head and hair pieces from vintage and antique jewelry.


  1. Oh my goodness - is it really weird that, only knowing you through this blog for a couple of months now, I'm *super* excited (and anxiously waiting) to see the dress?!

    You look so beautiful in these pictures, and everything in her shop is so stunning :)

  2. Your mum is stunning (I know she's only in the background but wow, I can see why you're so gorgeous!)

  3. I am so gels. SO. GELS! This space looks fantastic. I want to live here. Ask her if I can move in!!! No but really, with a sneaky peaky like this, I cannot wait to see what you chose.

  4. P.S. I tried googling her, but she doesn't sell any of her stuff online? MAMA WANTS TO BUY!!

    1. Never fear! She has a website in the works and I'll promote the mofo out of it as soon as it's up! :D

  5. What a cool shop! I loved that little tiara you were wearing.


  6. cool retro singer.

    great shot of your shoulders and just
    the good ol hoops. mininmal is so delish.


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