dressed up like a lady: July Retrospective!

Jul 4, 2012

July Retrospective!

It's that time again; time for your monthly retrospective, where I cull the cloud of my blog, Facebook, and Flickr accounts for my most entertaining photos from Julys gone by.

I technically posted most of the shots from our engagement trip on August 1st, so I'm sticking to the rules and only retrospecting the previews I posted in July. RULES ARE RULES (that I just made up).

July 2011

The Grand Hotel, like 3 minutes before MC proposed

Chi, attempting to sleep on top of a child's toy suitcase.

Fourth of July in Tiffin

My biscuits are flaky. So flaky.

The ferry at Mackinac

Junking in Ohio with MC's dad

July 2010

Phone pic taken by my dad at the zoo

Cat sitting for Ray and Emily's kitty, Django.

One note song.

MC and our awesome friend Heather

Box I made for MC to keep romantic keepsakes in. It filled up in six months and got phased out!
(Quote is from Microserfs by Douglas Coupland)

July 2009

Most flattering picture EVER, from this post, and taken by my friend Ryan Hyde.

From a post in which Ryan immortalized my beloved, now dead Little Blue Rock Wagon.

From a post about lorgnettes, and looking like Brigitte Nielsen.

July 2008


Dang, I've been doing this for a while now. :)


  1. You can really look like a model when you want to!

    / Avy

  2. Your outfit in the second picture is my absolute favourite!


  3. so many photos so great style!!!

  4. Love all that pics and looks


  5. adore the black and white summer dress with those awesome boots!
    waiting ... for your book on thrifting for clothes.

  6. Wow! I see you'Ve been always stylish! :)



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