dressed up like a lady: Semantic Smackdown: The Video

Jul 30, 2012

Semantic Smackdown: The Video

Hey remember that post I did last week pitting Audrey Hepburn against Grace Kelly? Well I turned it into a video for my work. :)

I actually had to shoot this twice, because the first time we did it I wore a dress with green in the pattern, which interacted with the green screen to make me look like I had holes in me. Hilarious.


  1. Awesome, and exciting! I've had the same thing happen when taking a photo in front of a green screen.

  2. You get to be in videos for work?!? Do more!!!

  3. Amazing job, darling!
    You are a natural, and I love your facial expressiveness!


    P.S. So crazy about the green screen!

  4. uber-creative, intellectual and fun!

    i agree with brandon - more please - like: how i stay so achingly slim
    and how to be a black belt thrift shopper.

  5. You are seriously adorable and I'm sure you've heard this before, but "in action" you totally remind me of Drew Barrymore. =)


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