dressed up like a lady: Smile

Jul 3, 2012



MC and I watched the 1975 pageant movie Smile the other night. Clearly, we were taken with the small-town 70's style, the sea of sherbet colored maxi dresses, and the gorgeous Barbera Feldon (Agent 99!) playing an uptight den-mother in paisley pant suits. But even though this movie features Melanie Griffith's almost underage boobs, it's not really as bonkers as you'd think. It's actually an multi-layered view of adult-life dissatisfaction  vs. the can-do jib-jab of the 70's self-help movement -- all presented with that easy going, oh-so-seventies pacing. All that, and white kid-gloves; you can't go wrong.


  1. Found it on Netflix, watching it tonight! Your screencaps sold me. :)


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