dressed up like a lady: Surprise, surprise!

Jul 10, 2012

Surprise, surprise!

So there's this awesome gal named Erica. Perhaps you know her -- she's the author of Farmstead Vintage and the proprietor of the Etsy shop of the same name. 

She and her husband run a pretty little farm in the town I grew up in, a few klicks down the road. She sings and plays the guitar, and she's friends with our own guitarist, who informed us a few months back that her family would be having a big, rockin' barn party full of bands this July, where we'd been invited to play.
So she's a fellow fashion blogger, Etsy seller, and musician, she lives in my hometown, and she independently knows my ax man. The fact that we've not yet met in person is just a technicality at this point, no?

When I got a random message from Erica last week, asking for my address so she could send me a "little something," I imagined a postcard. What arrived a few days later was this beautiful vintage maxi dress, wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a delicate silk scarf as if it were twine! There was a note inside, explaining sweetly (and in gorgeous handwriting) that this dress seemed like my style -- and the exuberant, generous, kickass spirit that she is, she simply decided to give it to me instead of listing it in her own shop!

You wanna know the kicker? It fits like it was made for me. 

One of my favorite things about it: this dress has a double-V, so to avoid confusion, it has an extra tag in the front to mark...well, the front!

Oh uh, and also, BOOB ALERT!

I think it goes without saying at this point that this wonderful show of heart from Erica was a success -- I'm clearly in love with this thing. And you know what's really great, is that even on top of what a joy it is to receive an exceptionally thoughtful gift, an even better feeling is the extra shot of blissful inspiration that it gives you to be similarly giving and exuberant in your own life! Being grateful makes you giving, and being giving makes people grateful. What's the opposite of a vicious cycle? A virtuous cycle? Because that's what that is. Generousness -> Gratefulness -> Infinitum.  Oh and P.S., being grateful, like every hour, every day, is the secret to happiness. Erica totally knows that, and not just because she gave me a kickass vintage maxi dress.

P.S. There's still time for you to CLICK HERE and enter my giveaway for a $75 gift card to Shabby Apple!

These giveaways are fun. What do you say that in a couple of weeks, we have a giveaway for Farmstead Vintage? Yeah, that's gonna happen.  :)


  1. Gorgeous dress! Absolutely awesome!!



  2. That is amazing :D So sweet of her! You look absolutely stunning in this dress.

  3. I lo-o-o-o-ove the Jean Harlow fit of that dress couple with the Zebra Stripe except in the 70s color palette. You look like a million bucks! What a nice present. I didn't see the Shabby Apple thing until just now! ((zooms to enter said contest))

  4. cammila, you are correct-o-mundo, gratefulness and generosity go hand in hand
    and i would add graciousness - all the qualities named are life-affirming and
    well just darn fun.

    the dress does fit you like a dream.

  5. Wow! This dress - the colors and the fit - was definitely made for you. You look fantastic! And the photography is amazing, as usual.

    I wish I could enter your giveaway, but I'm not on Facebook anymore :(

  6. Love that dress, the v pattern on the back show off the booty nicely, hah. So sweet of her!

  7. Quite possibly the best chevron patterned summer dress I've ever encountered.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. amazing dress and lock so perfect on you!
    sorry I may be bothering you with always the same comments, but you look so pretty. I can't wait to see weddingpictures from you two.

    cheers from germany


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