dressed up like a lady: A beautiful view...MC edition

Aug 15, 2012

A beautiful view...MC edition

This post title is kind of a misnomer, since I already have the pleasure of taking almost all the photos for Dressed Up Like a Lady, and at least half of the beautiful view pics. But I rarely author posts, so here's a little mini post from MC, as Cammila takes care of some bride business.

A beautiful view...

...of me and Chi.

...of a portrait GBear made us of "Our Family as Mice."

...of a delicious vegan raspberry cobbler Cammila made last week.

...of what Cammila was apparently doodling instead of taking notes at our last company meeting.

...of our ring bear(er).

...of my girls, playing with some sidewalk chalk on a perfect summer night.

...of Cammila's FB update about a moment I WISH I had photographed (so this is the next best thing).

 ...of an extremely effeminate Ken doll, flagrantly ripping off Cammila's look (maybe it's a drag queen tribute).

Just three days until the wedding!


  1. Man....you guys are too cool for school. Thanks for the view MC!

  2. luv gbears collage and my fav. pic of course: your girls playing.

  3. U guys r soooo f..... cute.... truly, all the best for u two... and have a time of your life on Saturday. hope its going to be the best day ever.....xxxxxxxx


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