dressed up like a lady: Further adventures in high waisted flares

Aug 24, 2012

Further adventures in high waisted flares

Hello, dear reader, from beyond space and time! Or at least from beyond wifi range. I'm busy enjoying a secluded wilderness paradise with MC on our super sexy woodland adventure honeymoon (Thanks for housesitting, Alessandra!). Good thing I scheduled this post to automatically publish while we were gone, just to give myself more work during my pre-wedding week! ;)

Hi-waist flares: Victoria's Secret
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Children's Japan Town - San Francisco tee: thrifted
Scarf, bag: Thrifted
Sunnies: UO
Julian the monkey socks: Paul Frank, Target

I can't get enough high waisted jeans. My waist is particularly high on my body, proportionately speaking, and my hips are pretty wide relative to the rest of my sizing, so it's hard to find a good fit. These are my latest ones from Victoria's Secret -- who really do know how to fit womanly figures (truth in advertising, yo). I dig almost everything about them! The fit is snug and exact, the fabric is soft and form fitting, and the high waist is pretty darn high. I only wish the flare were bigger! Somebody tell VS they need to cater to my extreme tastes, since they already cater to my body type. They've got almost everything. ;)


  1. cute :)

  2. i love this highwest jean!
    you look amazing!

  3. I have flares that look almost identical, except mine are not Vitorias Secret.

  4. I love hi-waist pants and jeans also, the jeans really are a friend
    to the hiney.

  5. You look so good in flares! Hope you're having an awesome honeymoon!

  6. HOLY JEBUS! WHEN DID YOU GET THESE? Lordy I need them bad... do you know the style name? I am praying you ordered them online like this month.... OI VAY

    1. Thanks for liking them, Dena! They're from a couple years ago, and I'm not sure VS is making high rise flares at the moment. But I'd bet if you save an ebay search for Victoria's Secret High Rise you'll find some on there at some point!

      Also, take a look at the selection on Asos! I have some hi-rise flares I've ordered through them that are great! Seven For All Mankind also make a few different ones, and though they're kinda expensive, you can find some good deals for theirs on ebay and 6pm.com. Good luck! Let me know if you find what you're looking for! :)

    2. sevens sadly don't fit my big ole booty. Ugh. but those are ULTRA FAB!


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