dressed up like a lady: Honeymoon preview!

Aug 21, 2012

Honeymoon preview!

I created this post before the wedding, since by now, MC and I are on our honeymoon (thanks for housesitting, Alessandra!), where there is no wifi, and no cell phone reception -- which after the hustle and bustle of the past few months, equals heaven! :) 

When we first started hunting for some sort of secluded cottage or something to run away to for our honeymoon, our friend Cav came to us with our dream come true; he knew just the place. He and his family have been going to this cabin for ten years. He knows exactly what it's like, how nicely it's kept (very), and how secluded it is. To use Cav's own description "It's very secluded. Like Evil Dead secluded."

That's because it's the only cabin on 120 acres of private property -- an impossibly gorgeous, rolling landscape of trails, forest, streams, and waterfalls.

And beyond the private property is an additional 600 acres of national park.  

(No, the deer trophies don't bother me as a vegan. I grew up in a Michigan farming town, trust me, I'm desensitized.)

That's right, MC and I are spending a week tucked away in a forest that we get all to ourselves. So I think I'll post a little romantic outdoors inspiration.



I've got plenty more blogging material set to post automatically this week, while we play in the wilderness. :)


  1. adoring your honeymoon cabin, so cozy and
    away-from-oit-all- wild to have your own forest-a fantastic muse for future posts.

    as to the montage: luv the woman puttin on heels in front of that almost naked come inside me cabin
    and omgosh! my favorite couple paul newman and
    joanne woodard -i love their faces and their


  2. have fun! looks wonderful. totally enjoy it

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway


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