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Aug 23, 2012

My Hair: Dark, to Light, to Dark Again

Another automatically scheduled post, published by blog robots while MC escape civilization on our honeymoon! (Thanks for housesitting, Alessandra!)

These pics are from the hectic week BEFORE the wedding, so ignore, for a moment, the fact that I am dressed like a 16 year old amusement park employee. 

This being a fashion blog and all, I suppose it's only fair that folks keep asking me what my plans are with my hair. Am I no longer blonde? Am I growing it all the way out? Am I getting rid of the pink?!?! Well, I just redyed the pink (that's Special Effects semi-permanent color in Atomic Pink, for those keeping track at home), so hopefully that answers that part of the question. It fades, people! I have to redye it every month. :)

But it's true, I stopped bleaching my hair platinum blonde. I really enjoyed it while I did it, but after a while I just got sick of how BRITTLE my hair was. In order to make your hair this white, you have to strip the hair shaft down to a its outer shell. If I rubbed my palm over my head, a confetti of broken pieces of hair would shimmer out of it. I was tired of dead hair, so I've let my natural color creep back in. My hair also bleaches pretty intensely in the sun anyway. Not frying my hair has also led to it actually gaining some length for the first time in a few years, but I don't have any exact plans for how long I might or might not grow it to. However, ceasing the platinum doesn't mean I'm getting rid of the pink! I really like my pink, and I've had it since long before I started bleaching my hair.

Hope that sates any curiosity. Anybody else ever get sick of processing their hair?


  1. hey, the white blonde hair is majorally hot on
    you esp. with the glasses and the no nonsense look, however i like the girl on the other side
    with the somewhat dirty blonde hair with the halo of pink.

  2. si, i know the girl on the other side is you,
    you just look friendlier and funnier.

  3. I use bright red henna on my dark-brown hair every few months! It turns it this beautiful red-auburn which I love at every stage as it fades, and it's super good for my curls and all-natural too :)


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