dressed up like a lady: A beautiful view...birthday edition!

Sep 25, 2012

A beautiful view...birthday edition!

Since today is my birthday, I think I'll grab a smattering of 'this and that' photos and call it a day. 

Thank you so much to everybody who offered so much wonderful, constructive discussion on my post about my decision to change my name! And a nice, round "Eff you and the sanctimonious horse you rode in on," to the ridiculous creatures I've encountered who feel they have the right to judge a woman for making a conscious decision. :)

My contribution to the PTA bake sale (OH NO I'M KILLING FEMINISM! Just kidding. We kept a few and they were delicious.)

MC and I recently rewatched Tenenbaums. I loved an observation he made about it: "One of my favorite things about this movie is that by the end, a story that was about shitty childhoods and painful grudges and shitty, redirected anger, ends up being about letting go and being happy."

Some vegan, macadamia cream filled krumkake I made with a pizelle maker we received as a mystery wedding gift from a giver who has yet to identify themself.

MC's first birthday gift to me...

He gave it to me wrapped in sheet music for Fools Rush In, and marked at Ode to Psyche (see our wedding vows if you're wondering.)

But of course, the best present MC gave me on that first birthday we spent together was our first kiss! He sprung it on me right at midnight. So perfect. (Note: pic is not of the actual event! Though it is from my old apartment.)

Also on the list of Best Birthday Presents Ever: the Makita cordless drill that my dad got me for my 16th birthday.

 I was absolutely ecstatic. I've used the hell out of it since. It has an awesome quick change chuck system that I don't think I could live without, and it's never jammed on me once in 15 years. My dad even etched my name into it! And I'm sure he'd add my married name if I asked, but I somehow doubt that's necessary. ;)

Moving back to the present: MC enjoying a cuddle with Chi.

Some shenanigans MC and my sister-in-law Alessandra got into with my niece's babydoll.

Green smoothies for three.

Gbear's usual brand of fascinating doll setup.

Polaroids of us acting silly with our wedding gifts (to put in Thank You cards).
Chi rearranging his window seat. 

 If you'll excuse me, we'll be enjoying radio silence as we celebrate with some birthday R&R. 


  1. happy birthday sweetie!

  2. Happy birthday!

    My daughter is always staging her dolls in a fascinating manner. My favorite is when she dresses her Batman figurine in an apron and sets him up at her Barbie's kitchen workstation -- he has a kitchen aide, and she even made him a teensy tiny cookbook.

  3. mc's take on the T. is so real everday for the majority of people - just
    let go of the shitty grudges and be happy, daggoneit!

    love chi and bonding - chi looks so satisfief.

    oooo! a precious book wrapped in music sheet, dang cam where did you
    find him - glad you had the good sense to hang in there - luv gifts like that,
    literary and romantic and thoughtful.

  4. oop! happy birthday generous lady!

  5. happy birthday!
    another Libra (mine was yesterday) :)

  6. Happy birthday :) My birthday is in two days :D
    I can't think of anything to wish you as you seem to have everything you've ever dreamed of. All the best!

  7. I know those feminists and I really can't stand them. Happy birthday dear.



  8. I love your idea for wedding thank yous.

    Happy Birthday!!

  9. to late, but well it is never to late to deliver congratulations.....


  10. Would you share your green smoothie recipe?

    1. Sure! At this point, I make them so much that I don't have a strict recipe, but the basic idea is:

      1 bunch of dark greens like spinach, lacinato kale, chard, etc.
      (avoid overly spicy stuff like collards or arugula)
      1-2 ripe bananas (i peel them and keep them in a bag in the freezer)
      1/2-1 cup fresh fruit (anything but melon or citrus. apples and pears are cheap, but fruits like mangoes and peaches work particularly well)
      1/2 a lemon, juiced
      a dash of liquid stevia, Truvia, raw honey, etc., to taste if you want
      ice cubes to taste, also if you want
      1-2 cups water, depending on your preference

      I have a Blendtec high powered blender, so I blend it all up in there. When I had a normal, Kitchen aid blender, I would just run it for a loooong time. It's not done until it's totally smooth -- if it's gritty in any way, keep blending!

      It's yummiest when it's very cold, that's why I add the ice. Keeping those bananas in the freezer helps too. :)

    2. Oh, and by saying that apples and pears are cheap, I don't mean to say they don't work well in the smoothie! They most definitely do! :)

  11. Why don't you use melon? I tried honeydew melon once and it was great -- also with some parsley. The melon was really sweet and covered up the parsley, which might have been weird otherwise...

    1. Heh, well honestly, I've very much enjoyed watermelon in my green smoothies myself, but I've found that in general, depending on the type of greens you're using and the the power of your blender, melons give the least predictable results. As in, sometimes they work great, but if you've got some hardcore curly kale, or a particularly mushy cantaloupe, or maybe a blender without a very mean engine, it can blend kind of weirdly and end up being a turn-off to first-timers.

      That's the only reason I don't recommend melons if a green-smoothie-newcomer asks about my recipe. But of course, now that you've brought it to my attention, you're making me realize I should maybe just say "Melons can be trickier, try them once you've gotten the hang of it!"


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