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Sep 27, 2012

Birthday Girl

I had a really wonderful birthday, thank you so much for the kind words! MC and I were particularly hankering for some, ahem, quality time, so we stopped at our favorite restaurant and ordered our food to-go!

Dress: BB Dakota via Modcloth
Flannel: MC's
Over the knee socks: Sockdreams
Ankle boots: Juicy Couture
Take-out: Seva

The only minor problem was that after jumping for joy, I kind of landed on our food.

But just the corner of the box! I didn't destroy anything edible, thank God. Anyway, at home, MC gave me one of my birthday presents: A pair of gorgeous, antique, 1920's brass book ends depicting Cupid and Psyche.

The particular scene pictured is the moment when Psyche, having been sent to the Underworld for yet another test to earn the right to be with her beloved, has been overtaken by a sleeping spell hidden in the box she brought back, so Cupid flies to her, takes her in his arms, and brushes the sleep from her eyes to break the spell. It's my favorite part of the story, imagining Psyche opening her eyes to such joy and relief to see Cupid there with her. 

MC also wrote me a new poem -- as if I weren't overflowing with joy already. :)


Oh, and he also got me these cheeky 1980's wing earrings! They look just like something out of a Patrick Nagel illustration and I love them. Wings are a big theme with us. :)

And did I mention that when we arrived at the house that night, sitting on our deck was a jar of home made honey and some beautiful flowers, left by the beautiful and vibrant Erica from Farmstead Vintage? It was so sweet and surprising and JUST like her.

In short, it was a WONDERFUL birthday!

So wonderful, that on a totally unrelated note, I'm just going to point out how hot my husband is!

Damn, Matt Collar. Damn.


  1. I LOVE those earrings! I want them. In gold lol. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Belated!!! Love the book-ends & am jealous of that fantastic looking honey jar.

  3. Happy Birthday, gorgeous!
    Love these pics, especially your last pose.
    I wish we were friends in real life bc we could totally hang ;)


    1. Ha! That is exactly how I feel after reading each one of her posts.

  4. I freaking love your love so much!!! Absolutely inspirational. Happy Belated awesome lady!

  5. Happy Birthday Camilla! :) Ahh you guys are so cute together!!! I'm so happy that you have both found one another!!! :) I love your birthday outfits :D haha

    xo love the blog as always ! :D

    - Brittany


  6. Love the photo of you crouching on the ground with the food! Haha!

  7. Yay for birthday poetry! Happy Birthday!

  8. cool pics :)

  9. the colour of the dress is amazing!
    you always look beautiful!

  10. You've never had meat? In your entire life? WOW! Have you been raised vegan? You must tell me the story. Please :)

    And let me say that I would never, ever believe you are 31 if it wasn't for the picture with postcard you got from your husband. You look much younger!

    1. Heehee, well thanks, Guina! I was raised lacto-vegetarian -- no meat, no fish, no eggs. I was raised with Vedic fundamental view of life and spirituality, as opposed to a Judeo-Christian one, and one of the many perks, in addition to feeling responsible for my actions because of compassion and karma, rather than shame, is I was also brought up to believe that slaughtering animals for your mealtime satisfaction is excessive and cruel.

      Honestly, now being an adult, I think that the overall acceptance of meat eating in the Western world is a product of the paternalistic worldview you get from Judeo-Christian culture. It's very authoritarian to believe you have the right to dominate, kill, and purchase the bodies of animals, just because you can.

      The Vedic vegetarian tradition teaches that eating eggs is a bad idea, because you're inserting your own intentions into the path of another creature's reproductive cycle, and it's not really your place to decide whether an egg should become fertilized or not. But as with all other areas of vegetarianism, my own belief in not eating eggs, along with my belief in not eating meat, became not just moral but also healthful and practical. Eggs are not easy for your body to digest, they're full of long-chain amino acids that it takes way too much energy to break down, and they're packed full of cholesterol. What's the point? Just eat something your body evolved to consume more readily.

      I did eat dairy growing up, there are no rules against it in Eastern vegetarianism. When you remember that ancient Indian people had love, compassion, and respect for cows, and a family would likely have one or two that they treated with tremendous kindness, you can see why. But I eventually gave dairy up as well, mostly because of the same reasons. I became very interested in nutritional science, and as I studied to become a nutritionist, I could not get away from how difficult (read: impossible) it is for a human adult to absorb nutrients out of the lactation of a different animal (let alone if that lactation is Pasteurized!). And I don't even need to mention how shitty the life is of a cow on even the most small time, organic dairy farm.

      It just seemed ridiculous. Your body is so much better able to absorb the nutrients in almond or even coconut milk, why keep bombarding it with dairy? Humans have not been domesticating mammals long enough for any significant adaptations to present themselves in response to dairy consumption. Our bodies aren't equipped to absorb the milk of anyone but our mothers'. :)

    2. Couldn't agree with you more in everything you've written. I wasn't that lucky and was rasised in a carnists' family, but I have always known that one day I'll give up meat. Now it's the same for diary and eggs (why people don't understand we don't need them to survive and they are unhealthy for us?). I feel great, but each time I have a cold or at least a running nose I hear "It's probably because you don't eat meat". Do you ever hear something like that?

      Now I'm even more impressed with you! In every aspect.

  11. your parents were extremely evolved and they turned out a loving, joyful

    love your look, the flannel over a dress and yes cammila, we know mc
    is mad-crazy-sexy-cool good looking. and gives literary gifts - that is
    what impresses me the most.

  12. happy belated birthday! love the plaid mixed with the print of the dress. edgy but sooooo coooool.


  13. Happy late Birthday!

    Just curious, but as a vegan, do you eat honey?

    1. Yes, I do! This is one of those areas where the phrase "plant based diet" might be more fitting. I do eat some honey. I also wear some wool, own some second-hand leather, and visit ethical, non-profit zoos. Those are all things that current connotations of the word "vegan" can contradict, but I do still use the word a lot, simply because it remains the quickest way to describe that I don't eat meat and dairy. :)


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