dressed up like a lady: First tights of the year. It's on.

Sep 19, 2012

First tights of the year. It's on.

It's oddly exciting to put on tights for the first time this season. The event coincides with it getting chilly enough that MC and I have to wear real live pajamas to bed, but it also means (sappiness alert) that I get to fall asleep on the inside of a warm, cozy, full-on, big-spoon/little-spoon cuddle every night -- Position no. 1, if you're looking at this illustration. Ordinarily, we sleep in Position no. 4., but when it's hot as blazes in summer, it quickly evolves into No. 3. For the record, I don't know how MC sleeps flat on his back without the nook of a shoulder and arm underneath him, but unless it's chilly and he's squeezing me like a teddy bear, that's how he's most comfortable. I'm kind of jealous -- it's probably awesome for his back. 

Do you sleep in the same position every night?

Top: Random TJ Maxx find
Tights: Sockdreams
Shorts: VS
Shoes: Steve Madden
Scarf: Target
Bag: Longchamp, thrifted


  1. i love it!!!


  2. Today was the first full on boot day of the year here in the Southeast. Wish I could get away with tights and shorts at work, but I'll settle for my over-the-knee boots instead.

  3. The past couple of years we've slept in a position sort of like no. 6 -- me on my back, he on his side, and our legs entwined. Before that, it was another position not pictured, which involved our daughter smack-dab in the middle of our bed, with her head on my stomach and her feet in her dad's ribs!

  4. I love, love, love your new hair (one "love" is not enough to decsribe how much I love it ;)). I have to wear tights that cover my tattoos to work, but it's really cold lately so I don't mind.

  5. We, sadly, have to sleep in position 10. We live in Las Vegas, and even with air conditioning in the summer it's too hot. But we make up for it with lots of cuddling before sleepy time.

  6. beautiful!
    wait to wear my tights too!!!

  7. Cammila, you are the President of hot-oh-i-just-pulled-this-out-of-the-closet
    casual looks.

    And congratulations on your marriage to your twin and soul mate MC. xo

  8. I got to wear my first tights of the season just the other day, and I have to say I was pretty ecstatic!

  9. wore my first tights this fall too. ... love your patterend tights so much.
    congrats on your new drivers licens.


  10. I always sleep on my side with a sidesleeper pillow. . . feels almost as like you're cuddled up with someone!



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