dressed up like a lady: Hey, an outfit post!

Sep 7, 2012

Hey, an outfit post!

Hmm, I think I'd better break things up with a good old fashioned outfit post before I bombard you with anymore wedding/honeymoon stuff. ;)

Dress: Random TJMaxx find
Shoes: Pleaser
Jacket: Ralph Lauren, vintage
 Clutch: H&M


  1. Oh that jacket is gorgeous!Happy Friday :) xx

  2. love those glasses on you! So cute.

  3. Looking powerful. Like a cunning, smart fashion editor, hard-hitting comic book reporter... ;)

  4. That is a really great outfit, well put together. Love the jacket.



  5. 1) Love this outfit.
    2) Love that you are not afraid to wear a red jacket and carry a pink clutch at the same time.
    3) Love that you don't let your hair color limit you (when I had pink hair, I always felt I needed to "match" my clothes to my hair).

  6. wow - this outfit is wildly cool. esp. adore the jacket and pumps, natch.
    yep, random tj maxx find is right, i always look my eyeballs out in that
    store and very rarely find anything, and then the lines are mad long.


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